5 Things to Consider Before You Buy Land

Choosing the land where you want to build your home (and your new life) is a huge decision. To make sure that you make the right choice, we have put together this list of 5 things you should consider before you buy land.

1. Services

When it comes to your services and utilities, it is very important that you know your obligations and options before buying land. Make sure that you are fully aware of how your property connects to essential utilities including water, gas and electricity. You should also check whether there are any restrictions on your usage. To find out which types of gas are available and identify particular gas requirements, we recommend that you check with the property’s gas supplier.

2. Environment

Australia is a land of extremes. Before you buy land, you should check its risk level for floods and fires (after all, finding out that the land you just bought is in a flood zone is a very rude awakening). You can find this information out by using consulting resources like Geoscience Australia, which can help you determine flood and fire zones as well as bushfires. State and local government councils will also have more information. You should also check if the property requires any noise mitigation to be carried out on the dwelling because of the acoustic reports.

3. Zoning

You also need to make sure to check the zoning regulations for the property and the surrounding areas. Councils have rules regarding what a block of land can be used for – don’t make the mistake of buying land for a home, only to find out it’s not approved for residential dwellings! When you access the property’s zoning information, you will be able to identify:

• What you are able to use the property for under your local council’s planning rules
• The property’s development potential
• Approvals required for common residential and business projects

You can find out more about researching a property’s zoning restrictions here.

4. Soil Testing

Although it may sound insignificant, soil quality and composition will impact how you build your home and the potential for what/how you can grow on the property. More specifically, soil composition can impact the:

• Cost of your building foundations
• Amount of earthworks required
• Stability and land retention

To find out more about the composition of your soil, contact a soil test company.

5. Orientation

Good property orientation (i.e. the direction your property faces) can reduce your need for auxiliary heating and cooling, therefore reducing your energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions, and improving your comfort throughout the year. Most land buyers want to build north facing properties. This is because north facing homes make the most of available sunlight throughout the year, while minimising the impact of direct eastern or western sunlight.

If you have any questions about other considerations you need to make before you buy land, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Oxmar Properties. When we create our estates, we take all of the above factors – and more – into consideration.


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