Destined for more: Wilson stays undefeated

Brisbane Convention Centre


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Co-Main Event: Liam Wilson vs Mauro Alex Hasan Perouene

Liam Wilson, last night, claimed the IBF Youth Super Featherweight Title after scoring an impressive unanimous decision victory over Mauro Alex Hasan Peroune.

“The fight is what I needed. I needed some good, hard rounds under my belt to prepare for what’s to come,” Wilson said after the bout.

The Brisbane Convention Centre offered Wilson a home crowd advantage against Peroune who, for the first time in his professional career, was fighting outside of his own country, Argentina. The reach advantage was Wilson’s too; a factor that dictated many of the fight’s exchanges.

Controlling range from the outset, 22-year-old Wilson took the centre of the ring and utilised jabs and straights to gain the ascendancy.

The doctor was called as early as Round Two for Peroune and the chants of ‘Wilson! Wilson! Wilson!’ were resounding by Round Four. However, the Argentinian was dogged and refused to go away.

Photo Credit: Aude Photography

Wilson remained surgical through the middle rounds, continuing to apply pressure. Though Peroune saw through shaky legs and multiple barrages from Wilson and went to his corner at the end of Round Eight pumping his fist.

Round Ten had Wilson marching forward looking to finish the fight with a stoppage but the conclusion of the fight came with bell.

All three judges gave the fight to Wilson (100-89, 99-90, 100-89). An entertaining fight; for his part in it, Peroune exited to applause that hadn’t been there when he entered.

Oxmar Properties’s Liam Wilson goes into 2020 still undefeated and looking to continue his strong form,

“This is my destiny. This is my dream.”

Writer: Liam Maguire

Oxmar Properties

Oxmar Properties

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