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  • Become a land owner
  • Build your own home

With our $100 Deposit Plan.

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Ask us how! Phone today to find out your eligibility to Lay-By your land and commence building.

  • $100 Deposit Plan

During these unusual times, Oxmar’s relief package is designed to help you buy a block of land and build your own home without the large deposit, and providing you more time for finance.

  • 6 Month Settlement

To Lay-by your land, it means a commitment of $100 per week, for the next 6 months with a delayed settlement for you to arrange your finance approval.

  • Secure your block today

Land Appreciates and Houses Depreciate. Many buyers look at the physical home, but in reality this depreciates over time, while the land the home sits on typically appreciates in value. Make securing the best block you can afford a priority. As the population increases so does the demand for land and your options become more limited.

  • Build Tomorrow

Building a home is an investment for the longer term. Usually from the time you buy land to build your home, it can be up to 6 months before you move in. The current unusual times is no reason to put things off. When we get through these times you may look back and wish you started a year earlier and be well underway.

  • Live in your own home

Oxmar develops in some of Brisbane’s best commodity suburbs with land rising in value, which is important when building your own home.
You can choose land in suburbs ranging from Griffin, Murrumba Downs, Bridgeman Downs, Kallangur, Bray Park and Narangba.

We have access to the best finance specialist in Brisbane, Queensland. Oxmar can help you with any questions or challenges to find your feet sooner. Call us today to ask us how 3263 4977.

Ask Us about how to Lay-By Your Land

Live in your own home

Offer is valid subject to availability and the seller may withdraw the offer at any time.

With over 30 years’ experience in building dreams in South East Queensland, the Oxmar Properties team is here to answer any questions and guide you through the process to find your perfect piece of land.

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In these uncertain times, it can be nice to know there are some organisations, some businesses and most importantly; some people who you can truly rely on.

Oxmar Properties is just that, a family business where our hearts and minds are always totally focussed on assisting and working to secure the financial future of those who put their total faith in us.
You can still:

  • Call us, our lines are still open.
  • Or even arrange a video call with one of our Sales Specialists; Cam and Justin.
  • Arrange an inspection on site to tour our land (while practicing social distancing).
  • Discuss with us our “Securing Your Future” packages that are now on offer.

In these unusual times, you can rely on and trust a family brand like Oxmar Properties as we continue to genuinely and sincerely assist you in Securing Your Future in Murrumba Castle Estate.