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Our Mission

Oxmar Properties endeavours to develop land into attractive and well-planned residential estates. Our allotments are designed for family living, and our prices are fair and reasonable within the market conditions of the time.

Our Pledge To You

At Oxmar Properties, we pledge to:

  • Develop consistently high-quality residential environments, which enhance the lives of the people who live there and the community as a whole. ​
  • Uphold our strong ethical values in everything we do, taking care to always be honest, truthful, fair, generous, respectful and compassionate. ​
  • Honour and respect the natural environment. ​
  • Shun trends and be true to our judgement in creating the most ideal property developments. ​
  • Offer residential property at a fair and reasonable price. ​
  • Always aim to create a strong and confident business on a solid financial foundation.
  • Never stop striving to find a better way.

Our Expertise

Oxmar Properties calls on over 30 years of experience as a property developer. We strive to find Queensland landscapes that offer dream lifestyles at affordable prices.We have a highly-experienced team of experts at your service, including Engineers, Project Managers and, of course, an expert Sales team.​

Oxmar Properties works closely with a trusted network of Builders to get the right home, price and location. These are Builders whose reputations we know and trust, and who share our genuine interest in affordability as well as quality.

Shane Webcke, friend of Oxmar Properties

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