19 years, 3 properties, and 1 happy growing family – Prem and Nisha’s journey with Oxmar

Prem and Nisha had been looking for the perfect place to call home for years with no success.

The couple had looked at countless blocks of land with different agents, but it wasn’t until they started looking in the suburb of Kallangur that they crossed paths with land sales specialist Justin Murphy again. Four years prior, in 2004, Prem met Justin at a land development on Brisbane’s northside that left a lasting impression. “We chatted about what I was looking for, and at that time, I wasn’t serious about buying land. I was looking at established homes, but I thought maybe one day I’ll meet Justin again if I move to Brisbane,” said Prem.

When Prem and Nisha crossed paths with Justin in 2008, the couple felt like they had finally connected with an agent who actually listened to what was important to them. They said Justin understood exactly where they were in their property-buying journey as first-time land buyers. Because of this, he guided them and provided them with relevant and essential information to make an informed decision.

“When we think of home, we think of Oxmar.”

“Justin wasn’t like other agents. It was like he read my mind. He knew what I was thinking and the questions I had. No one else did this,” said Prem. “You won’t believe it; we have seen so many land places and met so many agents, but the way Justin explained things to us, we knew he was the right agent for us. He showed us blocks of land in the Sovereign Rise estate in Kallangur he knew would be right for us. I liked the estate and that it was close to everything important to us.”

With guidance from Justin, the couple bought their first block of land and built the home they lived in for six years until, in 2014, the couple sold to move closer to Prem’s work. They struggled to find the right property, so they chose to rent on Brisbane’s southside. However, their priorities shifted when Prem and Nisha discovered their family would be growing.

Wanting to raise their family in their own home, Nisha said, “We looked at one property in the Kallangur area with another agent, which was good, but my husband said we should return to Justin because we trust him.” So, when the couple re-connected with Justin, he quickly found them the right-sized block in Sovereign Rise to build their second home.

With their family set to expand again in 2023, Prem and Nisha needed a new home that would continue to grow with them. Justin presented the couple with a few blocks in two estates but had a block in the Kallangur Retreat estate he knew would be perfect for Prem and Nisha and their next chapter. Justin told the pair to take some time to think about the different blocks they had seen, but within just a few minutes, Prem knew that Justin had found them precisely what they wanted and needed.

“We have known Justin for so long now, and he has helped us find our first two homes that he knows exactly what we are looking for and what is important to us. By now, it’s like telepathy! This is why we trusted him with finding our third home.”

Prem and Nisha are now on their way to building their new home with enough space for the entire family to enjoy. “When we think of home, we think of Justin. So if we ever need to look for another property, he can expect a call from us!”

Like Prem and Nisha, we understand that finding the right place to call home is more than just selecting a house. It’s about being part of a community where you feel comfortable and connected. Here at Oxmar Properties, we have a range of incredible master-planned communities you can call your own. So whether you’re a first homeowner, have a growing family, or are moving into your next stage of life, we have residential properties that offer you the sea change, tree change, or scene change you’re looking for.


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