Boxer Jeff Horn

From hungry boxer to world champion – the rise of Jeff Horn

With 30 years’ experience in the property development industry, Phil Murphy knows a thing or two about what it takes to succeed. So, when the Oxmar Properties Owner first met Jeff Horn, he immediately recognised a champion.

“Jeff was trying to balance teaching with his boxing career and I felt we could help him out. Supporting him wasn’t a risk, because I could tell he had the hunger and drive to succeed. The bonus was that he was a fantastic human being and nothing has changed there.”

Jeff says he is extremely grateful for the support he has received over the years and admires the “community-first approach” of Phil and his team.

“The people at Oxmar and Phil Murphy are kind, caring and very giving. They do so much for so many people. It’s always understated, but never underappreciated, which I think is really important.”

While Oxmar Properties supports a number of community charities and initiatives, it’s clear Phil has a special place in his heart for Jeff.

“He’s such a beautiful young man and I mean that sincerely,” says Phil.

“In life, you meet a limited amount of people who are special, and from the get-go, when he shook my hand, I knew he was one of those people. The two of us have become real mates.”

After a career-defining world championship victory over the legendary Manny Pacquiao in 2017, Jeff has endured his share of highs and lows.

Phil says Jeff’s response to adversity shows the true character of the man.

“I’ve seen plenty of ups-and-downs in the property development industry. You have your good times and your bad, but that hunger and resilience keeps you in the game. Boxing is no different. Jeff’s reached the glorious heights and had his setbacks. Regardless of the result, he’s always trying to get better. I admire that. It’s inspirational and exactly what we strive for at Oxmar Properties as well.”

In boxing – where one false move can lead to defeat, ‘luck’ also plays its part.

Jeff says it’s not only in the ring that you need luck, but outside it as well.

“Phil and Oxmar Properties came along at a time when things were a little tough and have been there for me ever since. Their faith has never wavered. They played a huge role in helping me and my family make the transition [to full-time boxing career], and it’s a partnership that will last a lifetime.”

Phil is quick to echo Jeff’s thoughts.

“We were there at the start of his world championship journey and we’ll be there at the finish. Jeff will always be part of the Oxmar family, wherever his life takes him.”

Jeff Horn takes on Michael Zerafa for a second time on 18 December at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center, South Brisbane. Tickets available from or

Author Sportswriter: James Roche


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