Cashed-up Buyers are Flooding to Brisbane

Fast and Furious Sale Frenzy

According to this article in The Courier Mail on Saturday 10th August 2019 by Samantha Healy, cashed-up buyers are flooding to Brisbane! Buyers are no longer concerned about the health of Brisbane’s property market, but rather finding the perfect home.

A Place Advisory survey of 853 people – comprising local buyers, interstate buyers and international buyers found that more than one third, or 36 per cent, were now more concerned about finding their dream home than market uncertainty.

“Cashed-up buyers are flooding to southeast”
– The Courier Mail, 10th August 2019

“This result is a strong indication that confidence is improving throughout the marketplace,” the report said.

“This market outlook of respondents strengthens the argument that Brisbane’s property market has now begun transitioning into the early stages of a positive growth cycle,” the report said.

Fast and Furious Sale Frenzy
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Author: Samantha Healy
Source: The Courier Mail, 10th August 2019

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