Narangba Heights New Shopping Centre

For many living in the prestigious Narangba Heights Estate and surrounding community, the commencement of earthworks for a new shopping centre will bring excitement and hope for the future. Feature Magazine will be publishing updates for those who are interested in knowing exactly what is happening. In the meantime, let us lay the foundations for you.
The Stage One release of Narangba Heights in 2012 set a new benchmark for residential living in Brisbane as it introduced a unique master-planned community, with a minimum of 80% owner-occupier sales. When completed, the estate will be home to approximately 1,200 families and a local shopping centre backing onto acres of lush parkland, accompanied by a striking streetscape which is just what this growing community has been looking forward too.
Developer Mr Phil Murphy and his team at Oxmar Properties have a reputation for setting high standards with the Narangba Heights Estate being the first residential estate in Queensland to move over two million cubic metres of dirt as they repurposed a hill , creating flat lots and paving the way for the future. The new shopping centre will be no different, with a prestigious, environmentally friendly design which will be the envy of anyone who visits.

Narangba Hieghts new shopping centre - Image 2
Narangba Hieghts new shopping centre

The development is designed as an attractive Local Centre to provide a range of convenience and weekly retail activities for those living nearby. The total Gross Floor Area (GFA) is 6,646m2 which accommodates a full-line supermarket (3,946m2 GFA), a Service Station (201m2 GFA), a Food and Drink Outlet with Drive Through (170m2 GFA) and speciality tenancies incorporating Shops with additional Food and Drink Outlets (2,149m2 GFA).
No details have been released as to who the tenants of this sophisticated new retail and commercial precinct will be. However, we promise to tell you over the next few editions of Feature Magazine. What we can tell you is that tenants will consist of a supermarket, cafés and eateries, a petrol station, a fast food outlet and office space.

Narangba Hieghts new shopping centre - Image 4

A total of 300 car park spaces have been planned to cater to the projected growth of the catchment area which is 26,070 persons by 2031. These car parks have been strategically positioned behind the buildings to activate the streetscape and eliminate large areas of parking spaces adjoining the roads. Appropriate screening and landscape buffering have also been added to ensure that the development will enhance the streetscape and maintain a scale and character which creates a sense of community.
Plantlife such as Weeping Lilly Pilly’s (Waterhousia floribunda), Creek Bottlebrush (Melaleuca viminalis), Sedges (Carex appressa) and Orange Trumpet Vine (Pyrostegia venusta) are some of the climbers, trees, shrubs and ground covers which will bring life to the centre. Appropriate shade and shelter in a variation of colours, materials and finishes will protect pedestrians while providing a visually interesting façade. Signage has also been taken into consideration to ensure the streetscape remains appealing to onlookers and visitors alike with a pylon sign proposed for the Oakey Flat Road and Sovereign Drive intersection and again at the main vehicle entry along Sovereign Drive.
“Any signage will be integrated with the design of the building to minimise any potential impact on existing and future surrounding land uses,” said Mr Murphy. “They will not distract from the stylish design which is positioned on an elevated site with breezes and an amazing outlook.”
The completed development will no doubt house a little something for everyone.

Narangba Hieghts new shopping centre - Image 3

Words: Pamela Jonstone,


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